Emotion / Tread Light

by John King Cave

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released January 1, 2020

S.J. Roberts, vocals, guitar, synthesizers, production
Andy Carson Brown, vocals
Dustin Hoag, drums
Matt Kletecka, bass, guitar
Insun Blemel, guitar solo
Taylor Gabaldon, trumpet
Alex McMahon, slide guitar
Fabian Tormin, mastering

Emotion written by S.J. Roberts & Aidan H.
Tread Light written by S.J. Roberts


all rights reserved



John King Cave Albuquerque, New Mexico

John King Cave is the musical, poetic, and artistic vessel of Paul Waxler-Fahey, a folk artist currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The name recalls the story of John the apostle in the Cave of Patmos receiving the revelation of Christ the King. ... more

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Track Name: Emotion
Emotion, I turn to sand before I reach the ocean
And I wait a thousand years to feel your motion

I shut my heart in a little black box
Throw away the key and lock
Wrap it tight with a pretty pink bow
Ride me high like roshambo
Emotion, give me that sweet emotion

Emotion, like a newborn child crying for his mama's attention
Emotion, like a refugee free from a life of detention

I ride over dunes and fields
Camp at night with my flint and feels
Pack ‘em up at the break of dawn
Stamp out the fire and carry on
Emotion, would you give me that sweet emotion?
Emotion, would you give me that sweet emotion?

Emotion, like the sun goin' down the San Francisco skyline
Emotion, like the fog above the New York City highrise

I jump the horse, race up the stairs
And at the top unpack my wares
Gonna leave my heart at my true love's door
Gonna run till I can't run no more
Emotion, would you give me that sweet emotion?
Emotion, would you give me that sweet emotion?
Track Name: Tread Light
Well the stars, the stars,
Rise over you and under through the distance
I wonder what you are,
Stuttering and frozen like an infant

Then at last, long last,
You ask me for a lighter, I didn't have one
I looked inside your glass,
I saw what I wanted, and I lost ya

But you don't find nobody else
Until you’ve found yourself
Into the wishing well,
I will tread light
I will tread light

Hunting for the docks,
I disconnect the dots, my dreams of riches
I nearly lost you at the bog,
I thought I saw a black dog stirring through the ditches
Even the moon was getting on,
Too close to lose, too far off to hold onto it
When you sang me half that song,
Conjuring the language of the Wiccan

I loved you as a child,
Now I've been reguiled
But save your witching smile,
While I tread light
While I tread light

You know the closer I get to you,
The farther out I find myself in Boulder
They say the key of love is blue,
In a dear, in a dance, in adieu, we all fall over
But last night at the movies,
You slipped me something new, I felt a little bolder
When you came inside my room
I felt the black dog breathing down my shoulder

Inside those New Year's eyes
I found no disguise
You brush against my size
But I tread light
I tread light

And all I want to do is:
Set fire, get higher, inspire you
Hot on the merry-go-round
Get down, run round in circles
Spread like a cancer
And set off, get lost,
I wanna hop on the train,
Get off on another
Find love, keep loving something
Just like Rolling Thunder
I wanna tap dance,
I wanna make plans,
I wanna take a stand
And understand
I wanna hold hands,
Make romance with you
Over and under
I wanna have faith,
I wanna get saved,
And maybe someday
I'm gonna harken like an angel
Remain unchained,
Make change,
Make a change,
And change,
And tread light
And tread light
And tread light
And tread light

Of course the sun, the sun
Cuts over through the tundras like a jackknife
Says "It's done, it's done"
Now pack away your mids, your lows, your highlights
Though I might stumble through
The darkness for a moment or a lifetime
When eternity is through
I'll meet you singing half songs in the moonlight

Whatever happens will
No matter how you will
Into the wishing well I fell
Track Name: 2062 CE
Tread light

And I'll burn my eyes, tread light


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