Lovehills & Leeches

by Wildflowers of the Mojave

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released June 28, 2016


s.j. roberts on guitars, vocals(1-4), harp(1-4), accordion(2), tambourine(4)
matt kletecka on bass(1-2), electric guitar(2)
jordan herron on flute(1-3)
andy carson brown on drums(1-2)
ian carrillo on keyboard(1), banjo(2), bass(4)
ellery wuest on trombone(1,3-4), worn-out shoes
aidan hendrickson on saw, keyboard(4)
adel bengo on vocals(2), alien(2), electric guitar(3)
cody lutz on banjo(1)
chiara brokaw on vocals(1-3), ironic laughter
nathan spon on pressure points
music/words/production by s.j. roberts
cover art by calvary fisher & s.j. roberts
drums(2) recorded by kyler christie
recorded at foxhole mansion and the dog house
many thanks to herron family,
cody, kyler & the dog house


all rights reserved



John King Cave Albuquerque, New Mexico

John King Cave is the musical, poetic, and artistic vessel of Paul Waxler-Fahey, a folk artist currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The name recalls the story of John the apostle in the Cave of Patmos receiving the revelation of Christ the King. ... more

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Track Name: All I Really Want From You
some creeps come up and solict me, then they try to trick me
with their promises of paradise
and they wave their arms out on the streets, kickin' up the heat
and yet they don't even know the word why
i don't need no prophet, babe, so don't spool me nobody's lines,
cause' all i really want from you is someone i can get behind

some freaks, they been tryin' to cheat me,
they try so hard and then they beat me
like the world is just a game to win
but they know i got something that they don't,
and they're never going to until they decide to look in
i don't need no criminal, and honey i don't need no king
cause' all i really want from you is whatever you came to bring

some fools, they come up and salute me, ask me how i'm doing
while they use me for their own ends
and watch, while other people shoot me,
i thank god above me, cause' i wouldn't want to be them
i don't need no loverboy, and i certainly don't need no friend
so all i really want from you is somebody who don't pretend

now some sheep, they don't even say a word
(like some broken bird pluckin' their feathers inside of a cage)
and speak, only when they're spoken to,
and try not to show it, but it's writ' in the lines of their face
i don't need no joker babe, and i don't need no flyin' ace
so all i really want from you is someone who can play it straight

some dreams, they appear just to fool me, try to seduce me
underneath the shelter of my sheets
and hook me onto my fears, and wanton veneers,
like i got nowhere else i could be
i don't need no universe, and honey i don't need no stars
so all i really want from you is whatever... you really are
Track Name: Back Again in Blue
(and this one's for the alamo:)
i am a happy solitary person
kicking up rocks, biding my time
when out of the blue, and dressed in white,
she appears inviting me to fly a kite, and i say alright

now we are a happy solitary people
trying to fly said kite and watching it dive every time
see i hold the reel while she pulls the string,
runs through the field, lets go and it goes sputtering
but i blame it on the wind and smile

and afterwards we walk around the park,
not after dark and sit a while
and we talk a lot, we talk until our throats are filled with rock
and i think how nice it is to understand
somebody else's lack of understanding
and in my head i sing
i wanna hold you but i won't, cause i don't
it's o.k, we'll be just fine, i hope

so later at the show, i hear das pausenbrot is playing
and out from behind, a hand wraps around my shoulder
she kisses me for a first and final time,
but like the kite it doesn't fly
i blame it on the wind and wonder why

then like a cheesy 80's summer movie,
she has to drive oh so far away
it's like someone chopped off my hands,
and clawed out her eyes
took our story of 5,004 replies
and turned it into just "hello, goodbye"

a year goes by, and so my life does too
and in a cruel twist of fate i find she's back again in blue...
but she don't have eyes and i still don't have hands

so i am still a happy solitary person,
kicking up rocks, biding my time,
while she heads straight off and punches the clocks
and despite my lazy daydreams, i couldn't see it any other way
still i blame it on the wind and i say, well

i can see she's got another hand around another shoulder
is she putting on a show... or just throwing knives?
well i'll cut to the chase i can't say a word,
it just feels like the end of 1984
i don't know you anymore
i wanna hold you but i can't, because i never did
but it's o.k, i'll be just fine
oh, whatever

and though i shan't complain about the rain, our cloud burst
and in the final hour she and i grow flowers
within the grasp i realize this half embrace could be the last unless
we meet again beyond the sky
so i blame it on the wind
i blame it on the wind and sigh
Track Name: Your Love is a Dream
your love is a scream,
violent and greedy as you ever were
but when i wake from the basement,
i am emptied and filled with grief
cause' leaving you inside my head
feels like you're dead in the morning
i just wanna keep you alive with love inside me at all times

well oddly, i've been seeing
your face in every mirror
but honey it gets much weirder,
everyone's mistaking me for you too dear
so i peel off your skin and grin
to see there's nothing inside of me
your love keeps me glued to the screen though i know it's a scene i just can't believe it's not true

your love is a dream
you know the stars have no need for blinking
your love is a dream
and you're everything to me

let's dance once more before sentient pets fry us to bits

your love is a maze
on a freeway without an exit
still your love is a-maze-ing, you're the tail tip to my snake
and i've checked every edge and face
to find a trace of you watching me
but your love is the empty space i can't erase, you're nowhere and everywhere i see

your love is a dream
in the morning i will be fast asleep
your love is a dream
and you're everything to me
Track Name: PS (For a Friend)
why would i strike you like a match
when you've always been my favorite catch?
why would i spread you like a flame
when you've burned too many people than can be named?

yesterday i set you free,
but today you waltz in misery
you wondered why you couldn't see
your shadow walking next to me
and you asked me, "are we up in the sky?"
and i told you it's the noon of night

why would i skip you like a stone
if i know we're just going to end up at the bottom of a river
all alone?
why would i write you like a poem
when i can't even speak to you in prose?

i made you a real boy,
but you turned yourself back into a toy
you lost your jaw, you couldn't stand
without some actor's trembling hand
and you ask me if i cut your string???
i told you boy there's no such thing

why would i hold you like a lover of mine
when you know there're only shadows in the sky?
and why would i kiss you like your mother?
i think we'd both agree you don't need another

you never trust an honest vein,
you just bash your head before the gate,
and at the door you drop the key,
well you're almost there just bend your knees
don't ask me how you got this far
i'll just tell you it's the month of march

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